Helping New Businesses're at the stage where your business has outgrown your garage, and you're ready to expand. Perhaps you're considering hiring your first employee. Or maybe your international conglomerate is still just an idea in your head. You've been told that working with a CPA can help, but you've hesitated to make the call because you're afraid of the cost, or that an accountant will make you feel stupid.

Stop! I'm here to help you, and take a special interest in helping new and growing businesses. I'm proud to be a business owner myself, and welcome the opportunity to help other entrepreneurs grow and succeed. I want you to understand your business, and I recognize that your funds are not unlimited. That's why I offer a free initial consultation, and will work within your resources as your business develops.

Services include:

  • Business formation - making sure the way you organize your business makes the most sense for you, your partners, for tax purposes, and for liability protection.
  • Tax planning - learn up front what possible taxes you will be responsible for, how to report them, uncover valuable deductions, and budget for payment.
  • Compliance services - ensure all payroll, sales, and income tax reports are filed properly and on time, both for your business and family.
  • Financial reporting - assist you in setting up an accounting system and creating financial reports for owners and lenders.
  • Business finance - working with you to apply for business loans, lines of credit, or refinancing.
  • Business consulting - explore the issues surrounding expanding your business, taking on employees, adding new partners or investors, selling your business, lease/buy decisions, etc.

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